Monday, November 16, 2009

Big News!

In case you have been wondering why I have been such a slacker the past month and a half...... we bought a house! I didnt want to share the news until it was final, but we closed last Thursday. I have been so nervous and stressed out about the move mainly because we will be leaving our county so will be getting all new service providers for Leightyn. I have been doing endless research and as much preperation as possible, but now we know for sure when we will be moved and where, I still feel like I am starting from scratch. It really is amazing the differance in services between one county and another, but I knew this going in just from speaking to other parents in the local DS group when Leightyn was first born. My main priority was to make sure that she does not lose any services. Where we are moving is a smaller county then where we are now but the services seem to be close enough to the same. I am hoping since the providers have a smaller case load that the interactions will be more personal rather than just a number on a wait list or a family seen once a month for an hour. There are some areas where the resources are not quite what we had here but we are close enough to the "big" county that it should all work out. Off to get some packing done while the little one sleeps but I will keep you all updated on the move and how the transfer of her services goes. Look forward to much frustration in the beginning stories but hopefully the resolutions will be helpful to any other parent preparing for a move. One good thing that has come out of our move so far is that the county we are moving to is looking into educating local real estate agents on at least the basics of what services they have to offer familys. I had to do all of this research on my own, which I would have done anyways, but it would have been nice to know the big differances when looking at the homes in the area regarding school district and such and who better to know this info than the realtors. Thanks to a suggestion from us it will hopefully be a little easier for future movers to at least get the basic info about services offered and contact information so they can get all of their questions answered! Again I apologize for not posting as often lately but unfortunately it will probably take me a couple more weeks still to get back to a "normal" posting schedule!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Fun

Scarecrow! Pretty Little Pumpkin

Can you find Leightyn?

Dressed up for the Pumpkin Show

I wanted to share some more of the pictures we captured the last couple of weeks but my computer is being slow for who knows what reason so I am only sharing a few more to come later! Enjoy!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Leightyn has a Chomper!

Watch out, she bites! I am so happy to announce Leightyn has her very first tooth aka chomper. We have been working on it for a couple months now with lots of drooling and everything going into the mouth. Our poor OT has been trying to get Leightyn to pick small blocks up out of a bucket and drop them back in. Well the picking them up is going great but once she has them they go straight to her mouth lol! I am not entirely sure if she doesn't know how to drop it back in or if she just wants to chew on it so bad she doesn't care to drop it back in :) I hope to get a good pic of it very soon but it may have to be when she is sleeping. She is very proud of her newest addition to her mouth and has been constantly rubbing her tongue over it. I really have not even got a good look at it myself yet but I could feel it in her mouth so I know it is there! She refuses to stay still long enough and move her tongue out of the way for me to get a peek. That sucker is all hers and she is not sharing. On a totally unrelated note we had KFC for dinner tonight and I gave Lay Lay a bite of my biscuit with honey and of course she wanted another and another. Well little missy actually threw a kicking and screaming fit when after 5 bites there was no more left and then followed up with dirty looks and raspberries. It was the most adorable and hilarious thing I have ever experienced, I really wish I had captured it on camera. Man am I in trouble as she gets older!