Monday, January 11, 2010

Afghan goes to Play Group!

We got to take the afghan to our local playgroup today, this was our first time attending, last month Leightyn had Chicken Pox :( We were running about 5 minutes behind, those of you who know me think nothing of this common occurrence, and then the GPS got us slightly lost. Yes, you read that right, I have a love hate relationship with my GPS. It was only a couple minute turn around but pair that with the running behind and 15 minute drive already and you get one happily sleeping baby. She of course woke up once inside but decided to be quite shy at first and kept climbing on Mommy, showing of her new skill, kneeling. The other kids all have siblings so unlike Leightyn are used to being around the other kiddos and even being "bullied" a little. By the end of the hour I think she was starting to warm up though and even joined in the band to play some music, one piano, two xylophones, and an Elmo guitar, music to your ears :) It was really great to meet some of the other local Moms and their precious girls. How neat is it that they are all girls here? Leightyn was the youngest one there but it is always exciting to me getting to see the older ones doing signs, motioning with songs, and walking/running around, all things I look forward to. I hope the other families get signed up to receive the afghan as well so we can see it again soon! None of them had heard of the project previously so I think we have done our part in getting the word out and plan to continue to do so the rest of this week. I also found a yahoo group for the families in the area with an enhanced little one. I am really getting excited about the connections we are making and being able to share resources, tips, and everyday fun with the other families. Here are a few of the pics of Leightyn and the girls, quite the challenge trying to get 4 girls under 3 to sit still and all look at once for a picture, are they adorable or what?

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