Sunday, January 10, 2010

T21 Traveling Afghan!

I am really excited to announce we have in our possession the T21 Traveling Afghan!!! If you have not heard about this project yet, I highly recommend going to the site and signing up. Basically one afghan is traveling the world visiting children with Down Syndrome and spending a week in their lives. The family then writes an entry into the journal which is mailed with the afghan and blogs about it if possible and the pictures and their adventures are added to the traveling afghan website. The motto is one common thread :) It will be hanging out with us this week so check in daily to see what we are up to. This week I will be focusing on sharing our adventures with the afghan and then next week be ready for a ton and I mean a ton of posts and pictures to catch you up on the last 2 months and all the excitement and craziness as well as more on our move and adjustment to Cincinnati. I know I know I have been really bad but I finally have something to get me focused again and part of my new years resolution is posting at least 5 times a month but I really hope to do more. If you catch me slacking please please by all means call me out!!

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