Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fun in the Snow!

Tuesday was a fun and busy day, we had speech therapy in the morning and finally got our honey bear to work on drinking from a straw. I will let you know how it works out for us soon. We have had snow here for a while and so we decided to take Leightyn and the Afghan out to play. She got a little baby sled for Christmas with a back rest and buckle so I bundled her all up, Christmas Story style, she couldnt even move and fell over under the weight and restriciton of all her layers which she was none to happy about. Once outside she was all smiles and loved the sled ride. Since it is still really cold out we were only able to do a couple laps around the front yard but I cant wait until next year when she is a little bigger and can really get outside and enjoy the snow. We brought a bowl of it inside so she could play in it and of course she had to taste it too. We also had the opportunity to meet the Early Matters coordinator for the local Down Syndrome Association, she is a Grandma to a handsome young man who happens to have a little something extra :) It was a lot of fun getting to know her and bounce some of the many bits of information and ideas we have off of someone down here. I am hoping to help her find a local therapist willing to do some therapy once a month on our side of town, so if anyone is in East Cincy and has a therapist who they use and love let me know and I will try contacting them along with Martha to get this going for us. I learn something new everyday and from her found out if we would have went about 10 more miles south into Kentucky Leightyn would automatically have been eligible for Medicaid resources based solely on her diagnosis and her income ($0) , go figure :) When I was doing all my research about moving I didnt even think to check the other states close by. I guess I was trying to keep it "easy" by only moving counties. It really is such a shame the differance a few miles can make in the resources and services available to our children. If you are ever thinking about a move and would have the option of possibly switching counties or states and not really sacrificing distance to work, family, etc. I would highly reccomend checking the resources available in the other areas nearby. We found something similar when we first moved from one home in Columbus to another and found out the next county over could have really made a differance in resources, and I said I wouldnt make that mistake again. So when we knew we needed to be in this area for Billys work I looked into 3 counties down here before making my decision since I learned my lesson or so I had thought lol. Here are a few pics of sledding :)

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  1. That is one of the best things about winter! Sled rides! Leighton looks as snug as a lovebug!